Why cremation diamonds?

We consider our loved ones should reside Around after they pass. The positivity and the charm of a diamond is a fantastic means of maintaining our nearest and dearest. Even cremation diamonds once they passtheir memories are always able to stay with us as cremation diamonds.

A diamond with all the memory of somebody who Passed can be quite a supply of brightness from the lives of their close ones. Loved ones could relive the brightest memories of their nearest and dearest with diamonds that are striped. It can help accept a person’s departure.

How are these diamonds formed?

About 18-19percent of a human body is carbon And a diamond is just a pure carbon crystalclear. Cremation diamonds have been formed using the carbon out of the body.

Ashes are maintained at a high temperature of 3000K, and also a high pressure 60,000 Bar which is artificially created. This environment is just a replica of this environment about 150-200KM below the planet’s surface at which diamonds have been formed. The carbon out of the bodies of family members occurs int the diamonds formed.
The Body contains much more than Only carbon and people elements impact the carbondioxide. As an example, the nitrogen that comprises about 3% of our body provides yellowish color to cremation diamonds. However, the nitrogen could be wholly removed to have yourself a transparent diamond.


One needs to submit about 200g of ash Or 10g of hair for cremation diamond in the ash entry kit. The carbon content in ash is scrutinized by many experts. The carbon material of the ash may be required. So one must submit somewhat bit more than that.


One can Find a elegant diamond or somebody Might need a rough one. But you shouldn’t goto any refiner to have it elegant as such are delicate and if it’s not refined by experts, it might break and you also don’t desire that.
If the client wants re-polishing of this Diamond, it needs to be performed by pros only. Do not allow other people do any such thing to the bead.