With cyprus passport by investment, you will become a Cypriot, and with it the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a Cyprus citizen. The following are some of the disadvantages that you should be ready to face when you become a citizen:

• Salaries in Cyprus are very low: This might be related to lower living standards of the Cypriots. But truth be told, salaries for those who live in Cyprus are very low. You will be able to get along just fine because the living costs are also low. It is also important to note that, their tax rates of personal income are normally not paid for the first 19500 euros per year.
• It doesn’t have shopping options: Cyprus is a market that seems to increase with many opportunities coming in very fast, but there is still a great difference when it comes to shopping options in Cyprus as compared to other countries. But the good thing is that, you can easily shop online while in Cyprus.
• Changes in activities during summer and winter: The economy of Cyprus is driven by tourism. And due to the fact that most tourists will visit during summer, during the off-season, the tourist destinations come to a complete halt. The slow down during the winter might be good for you, but there is a significant difference in the opportunities between the two seasons. There are plans for a casino of international standards, new golf courses and other development which might boost the economy during the off season.
• Less direct flights to other EU countries: Due to the difference in the inbound tourism in Cyprus between winter and summer, there are no opportunities when it comes to direct flights to other EU countries except the UK and Greece. This becomes a challenge, especially during winter.