In life, You’ve sold an Classifieds (Mali oglasi) item, Whether new or used at great condition. The game that has been done is always to acquire, from fundamental products to survive, make sure it food items, hygiene products and services, faculty, clothes, and among some others.

Technological progress has Facilitated the procedure for purchasing and marketing on websites, such as Purchase Prodam.

This location handles Classifieds (Mali oglasi) letting End users to get the product they need in a simple way. On the web you may pay a visit to the site, in order to discover the merchandise that you need and see the standing of the vendor.
This online sale and purchase website is The leader of Classifieds Slovenia (Oglasnik Slovenija). Currently, they handle a substantial amount of users that are registered, that use this moderate each day to transport out the different financial activities.

Contrary to Other places, it has invested In an effective stability system, the idea is the fact that data and transactions continue being secure and purchases, product sales, and shipments are made efficiently.

If You’d like to market, include your Ads (Oglasi), to Draw the attention Of the people you must configure it, placing the category of the products or services, enter the details about it and consistently put a photograph. The photographs would be the solution for that client to better appreciate the things that they want to buy.

When buyers Want to Know More about the Thing, they could send out a message to learn more concerning the product, it will be sent directly to this email that owner stored inside the system.
Notifications and data of Interest are sent right to the electronic mail, either for both buyers and sellers enrolled about the website.
Registration is very Straightforward and fast, Simply creates your person, keeping your private password and email, and from the accounts, it is possible to publish the classified ads you demand.
Should You Need Assistance or clarify doubts, It is possible to contact the service team by telephoning a touch shape.

That can be the best to sell products You really don’t want , new objects or get exactly what you want, this post you are going to see exactly what you require.