Adult content is the easiest way for anyone to gain entry into one’s computers or other electronic devices. Such websites are treasure troves of malware and viruses that will ultimately corrupt one’s computer software. Also, thanks to such kind of content, the Internet has become highly unsafe for children. So here is a guide on remove porn from the internet for all parents who are worried about their children’s safety.

Use a content filter:

Search for a good content filter and install it. It will do the heavy lifting work of sifting through the websites and allowing those safe to open. The good ones will employ the Domain Name System technology to identify porn websites and restrict them from opening them. Other types of filters can be used on multiple platforms such as mobile phones, tabs etc. It is easy to update the DNS system by going to the device’s settings section and finding the network options.

Use porn blocker app:

This works perfectly on phones. Even though Android phones’ latest models have built-in porn blocker apps, some malware adult websites might escape the scrutiny and end up infecting your system. So, check out the best porn blocker app in your play store and make the Internet a safe space for your children to look around.

Enable safe search option:

To remove or block porn, one needs to adopt a multi-layered approach, which is one of those approaches. Use platforms that offer a safe search option. For example, – Google offers this option in its settings. Some of the content filtering websites also offer the same service.

Several online sources provide parental controls because the child is not exposed to anything too violent or harmful for his or her mind.