Every part of your car is important, but when we talk about tires and tires you should consider applying the maintenance and special care they require.
Both the rim and the tires are the first to receive the force of the impact when they encounter holes and potholes in the road and depending on the dimension of the impact, the rim can be bent, scratched and even completely deformed, therefore with the tires affected or completely destroyed.

But such accidents are difficult to avoid since a breakdown on the road can surprise you at any time. So if you need a good service car body repair, you just have to turn to the experts of MrCAP.
MrCAP offers the best rim repair and conditioning service for all types of vehicles in Dubai, whether it’s some scratches or major repairs.
Some rim crack with the force of the impact when hitting or falling into the holes, this service examines and identifies the deformation and damage points to see if its initial shape can be recovered, with the service of Car rim repair.
There are rim that can be straightened easily, others barely receive an impact, reduce their resistance and useful life, representing a risk staying with them in the car.
MrCAP is responsible for performing the most thorough repair to return the functionality to the rim and take care of its aesthetic appearance; removing scratches, painting and conditioning them so they look intact.
It is not always necessary to change the rim set after an impact, requesting Rim painting Dubai service at MrCAP is the solution to repair it correctly.
The rim contribute to maintaining the stability and safety of the car, therefore its handling and repair can only be in the hands of experts who are in charge of the whole process.
In MrCAP the repair of your rim can be in just 48 hours.