Do you need a legal correspondent (correspondente jurídico )? The WebDiligentes portal offers you the best internet service. It is a secure and well-behaved website that has the corresponding security systems in view of that that your data is protected.

WebDiligentes is a authentic correspondent site (site de correspondente juridico) that offers you supplementary income, pardon of time, contact and networks, autonomy, and excellent professional experience.

A valid correspondent (correspondente jurdico) is a lawyer who is held responsible for representing and acting in a achievement to a third party. That is, it is a person who represents a contractor who cannot be gift for reasons of time, money, or location.

With this website, you can have agility, speed, security, networks and era and grant savings. realize not miss this opportunity; you just infatuation to register and occupy out the mandatory form.

Before registering subsequently WebDiligentes, you must have the considering requirements:

Be registered in the OAB of your state
A landline or WhatsApp number
Two emails
Have a professional address

If you have the abovementioned at hand, you will be ready to register and be allowance of the authentic correspondent site (site de correspondente juridico). WebDiligentes has two plans that you subscribe to in the one that best suits your needs; the plans are easy plan and Premium Plan.

The simple scheme is free, even if the Premium plan has a broader advance and more advantages, and you must pay a monthly fee.

It furthermore offers you automated due diligence management; this is a tool that allows a contractor to create due diligence in any city. subsequently the contractor creates it, the further Premium plot correspondents registered in that same city will get an email similar to the instigation information.

Also, this due diligence will be visible to anyone who accesses the search for errands upon the website. It is a safe and obedient website that counts is managed by genuine professionals who have a passion for technology and the computer area.